Aluminium Wire

Worker welding in a factory. Heavy industry, welder work

Aluminium Wire for welding alloys with a maximum 2% alloying elements and for aluminium alloys containing up to 7% of Si. Excellent flow ability and penetration characteristics.
Chemical Composition: Si 4.5-5.5 – Fe <0.40 – Cu <0.05 – Mn <0.05 – Mg <0.05 – Zn <0.10 – Ti <0.15 – Al Remainder.

Applications in the construction sector and in the automotive industry.

Materials to be welded: Al Si 5 – Al Mg 0.5 – Al Mg Si 0.8 – Al Mg Si 1 – Al Zn Mg – Al Cu Mg.
(After anodizing welding will be of a dark grey colour)

Aluminium Wire 5356 is a general purpose 95% aluminium 5% Magnesium for the welding of 5 series when a >276 Mpa is not required. 
This is suitable for spray arc as well as spray arc welding 
Chemical Composition: Si 4.5-5.5 – Fe

This welding wire is used in the railway, construction of ships, automotive, bulk container Industries 

The gas to be used for thinner sections is high purity argon. For thicker sections use an argon helium mixture should be used. flow rates should be 15- 20 l/min
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