Gouging Electrodes

Gouging carbons are designed specifically for the air carbon arc metal removal process, which melts metal with an electric arc, then blows it away with a jet of ordinary shop compressed air. Carbons contain a precisely formulated blend of carbon and graphite that produces the most efficient metal removal performance. They offer excellent arc stability,  superior metal removal rates, uniform diameter and clean slag – free grooves or cuts.

Available in a number of types and sizes, Carbons are ideal for a broad range of applications, such as creating U-grooves  for weld joint preparations, removing old welds, gouging out cracks, cleaning and repairing castings, removing hard
surface metal, and for rough machining.

They gouge, cut, bevel, pierce or flush off any metal including stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, chrome-moly  alloys, gray, malable and ductile iron, copper, aluminium, magnesium and nickel alloys – fast precisely and economically.
Carbons are made for use in any type of gouging torches connected to a D.C. power supply and compressed air  source. The amperage required depends on the electrode diameter; an electrode is usually selected to make grooves or cuts
slightly larger than its diameter.